is a North American ads aggregator focused on (1973 – 1978) Classic GMC Motorhomes. This site features both directly submitted and reposted listings from Craigslist, eBay, RV Trader and more.

AvatarThis is the website devoted to the GMC Motorhome, a classic recreational vehicle (RV) made from 1973 to 1978 by General Motors in Pontiac, Michigan. This website is designed for people looking to post their GMC motorhome for sale, and also for potential buyers in the market for a classic RV.

It is completely free to post your coach for sale. Please use the form on our Ad Submission page in order to do so. If you are in the market to buy a GMC motorhome, you can navigate the our ads segmented by location or year in various menus on this site.  You can also use our Search Box to look for features, specs and other custom variables you might think of.

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While there are many quality resources online containing valuable information about the GMC motorhome, this site is also designed to be a collective and unbiased view of the various GMC motorhome products, parts and services that exist today. We operate this site as a consumer resource, without the intent to sell anything directly. Please view our website disclaimer located below for more information.


Purposes of This Website

  • is provided as a resource for sellers of GMC Motorhomes.
  • This website is also designed to be a resource and classifieds ads for GMC RV buyers.
  • This site contains both current and past ads for archival and record keeping purposes.
  • Listings displayed on this site are both submitted directly by sellers but also reposted and aggregated from popular online classifieds such as Craigslist, eBay, RV Trader and more.

Vehicles Sales & Seller Contact Info

  • is not involved in the sale of any vehicle listed on this site.
  • Please contact the seller directly with any questions about the GMC motorhome in question.
  • We encourage commenting on listings, however bear in mind that many ads are reposted and not monitored by sellers.
  • We do our best to publish the most accurate seller information, however emails on older reposted ads are usually expired and no longer working.

Limitations of This Website

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