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By avoiding materials that can rot in the body skin and frame of the motorhome, the GMCs retain a reputation as being the most restorable and rebuildable of vintage motorhomes. Many formerly abandoned GMCs have been successfully brought back to life because of the durable design.

The GMC motorhome has stayed relevant over the decades and is still a highly sought after RV not only for collectors but also for recreational enthusiasts that seek a classic looking vehicle. The GMC motorhome interior allows for flexibility and updating to modern standards.

New technologies in drive train, suspension systems, electronics, digital audio-video equipment, flooring, upholstery and appliances can be added to make the GMC RV a modern wonder. The aftermarket and original OEM parts market is strong with late GMC models.

There are also several companies that specialize in customization and repairs. Additionally many GMC motorhome clubs offer internal and external resources for RV repair, modification and upgrade.


Restoration Videos

Check out some of the restoration videos we have collected from YouTube below.

1977 Restoration

Video Restoration 1975 Eleganza

Follow the link below to see the YouTube video covering the exterior and interior of a restored 1975 GMC Eleganza Motorhome.


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  1. I’m wanting to update and replace my complete dash,and gauges. Not sure where to start shopping for this. Any help would be appreciated.. live in Clovis Ca.

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