1975 Eleganza in Monroe, NC

October 4, 2018 GMC RV For Sale 2

Classic collectible “Hotrod with plumbing” I find myself leaning toward other interests and find I’m not spending enough time on completing this project in a timely manner. I decided to see if there was someone […]

Ad Updates For June 23rd, 2016

June 23, 2016 GMC RV Ads 1

Hello GMC Motorhome Enthusiasts, Today (June 23rd, 2016), we have listed 8 new GMC Motorhome ads on our site.  These listings span 5 different states and 2 model years.   Update Summary: Number of Ads: […]

1978 Royal Kannapolis NC

June 23, 2016 GMC RV Ads 2

Please note this ad is a repost, please contact seller directly for more info. Key Vehicle Facts -Model Year: 1978 -Mileage: 74k -Trim: Royal -Length: 26 Foot Ad Information -Source: Craigslist -Location: Kannapolis, North Carolina […]