1977 Palm Beach in Beverly Hills, FL

Still Available

Last Updated: 7/15/19 | Ad Source: Craigslist

Location: Beverly Hills, Florida

Asking Price: $19,750

1977 beverly hills fl

Motorhome Features

  • Model Year: 1977
  • Odometer: 105,000
  • Trim: Palm Beach
  • Length: 25FT

Seller Information

  • Seller Type: Private Owner
  • Contact Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: See Link Below
  • Email: See Link Below

Description & More Pictures


CLASSIC 1977 GMC Palm Beach Motorhome FOR SALE – perfect for SUMMER TRAVELING!

-16.5 WELD custom racing wheels, with the CORRECT offset.

-just 105,000 original miles,

-ALL ORIGINAL 7.5L “Rocket” 455 engine,

-MECHANICALLY restored – engine, transmission and suspension/chassis.

-3 beautiful TOP SHELF “Zip Dee” Awnings

“There’s no place like a GMC Motorhome. The first thing you notice about the GMC Motorhome is that it doesn’t look like other motor homes. That’s because it isn’t like other motor homes. It isn’t a bus or truck chassis on which someone simply bolted an aluminum-sided box.

Rather, its a vehicle designed from the ground up by a General Motors engineering team whose goal was to build a motor home that would become the Number 1 seller in its price class. It did. Whereas many motor homes have the aesthetics and aerodynamics of a box on wheels, the GMC Motorhome is designed with a low aerodynamic drag factor and a low center of gravity in mind.

The streamlined shape not only means flowing styling but also good air penetration. All of which results in a motor home that is a pleasure to look at and an absolute pleasure to drive as well. In fact, everything about a GMC is designed to constantly reaffirm the fact that this is indeed the definitive motor home. The way it tracks, for instance. The way it corners. With a sense of ease and grace that belies its 26-foot length. There’s the soft, steady ride supplied by torsion bars and air suspension. The quiet.

The workmanship with which everything is put together. And, of course, there is the undeniable feeling of luxury generated by the rich interior fabrics, elegant cabinetry, and quality throughout. If there is one word to describe it, it is class.”


VIN: TZE167V100606

This ALL ORIGINAL coach features the popular PALM BEACH floor plan and includes 2 brand NEW 50/30 amp and 50/15 amp plug adapter “dog bones,” a NEW sewer hose, a deadbolt key as well as several duplicate keys…a class III (2×2) tow hitch, a CUSTOM Sun Guard windshield cover that buttons to the front of the coach and 3 beautiful fully attached “Zip Dee” Awnings! (…which are worth well over $2,500 just by themselves)

The bathroom and living room FANTASTIC fans work and I have recently scrubbed and cleaned the entire roof as well as all of the awnings. All of the windows and screens work and slide! The captain chairs have been upgraded and swivel fine. It even comes with the beautiful aftermarket aluminum WELCOME step and multiple antennae for CB radio, TV, UHF, and VHF. It is also wired for cable TV and even a LANDLINE if you should so desire. The TV in the living room is a 1080p on a swivel with HDMI. (perfect for laptop connectivity) There is also an Avanti hi-efficiency fridge and a microwave. The Magic Chef propane burners work, the propane oven (at present) does not. (few people use them anyway in favor of using the microwave.)

There are NO known plumbing leaks whatsoever.

This particular coach recently passed an extensive (100 pt plus) mechanical evaluation and was fully MECHANICALLY restored (engine/chassis/ suspension, etc.) at the gmccoop.com in Orlando, FL. It’s now ready for a new owner to finish the HOUSE restoration and customize the interior to your liking.

Here are some of the specifics on the recent eight-month $10,000 engine/chassis mechanical restoration: (all receipted)

1. upgraded Jim Bounds “QUAD-bag” suspension system installed so you can drive even with one of your rear tires blown. – a $2500 upgrade!
2. CV boots (outer and inner) replaced / NEW shocks
3. NEW TIRES (6 “Transforce” by Firestone – 16.5 size, mounted and balanced)
4. NEW BRAKES and upgraded brake lines
5. NEW auxiliary fuel pump
6. radiator completely REBUILT
7. POR15 rust inhibitor added to the entire subframe
8. Three brand NEW batteries all rewired w/NEW switches
9. all NEW spark plugs/engine tuned.
10. engine intake manifold was magnafluxed
11. NEW Trico HD (heavy duty) wipers

Now, after all of that great news, …here are some of the things that still need work:

1. the kitchen faucet needs to be replaced – a cheap fix
2. the floor has some minor damage and needs to be patched and either a carpet or new surface laid down
3. new window treatments need to be added
4. the stock Onan 6KW generator needs to be repaired. – probably just needs gaskets and a tune-up.
5. one of the rooftop AC’s needs a new fan motor.

When those tasks are done, this will EASILY be a $35,000-$45,000 coach.

This PALM BEACH has the original bunk beds and classic wood FOLDING dinette table and booth seating which can be converted into a bed. – sleeps 6 adults comfortably. All of the wood cabinetry is also ORIGINAL. It also comes with a roof-mounted storage pod which is a huge plus.

They call these MOTOR homes for a reason. If your engine and chassis/suspension, tires and TRANSMISSION are no good, you don’t have a MOTOR home, you have dead weight. This is a MOTOR home that could be driven anywhere tomorrow.

Now that said,…is it 100% finished?


…am I pricing this at $40,000?


…does this coach have an amazingly solid RUST FREE and reconditioned chassis/engine suspension, NEW tires and NEW brakes …and has it passed an EXTREMELY rigorous EVALUATION from some of the world’s best GMC experts?


That should always be your foundation. Now that all of that is done, you can customize this CLASSIC coach to YOUR liking and be confident the engine/chassis/suspension work has been done to the highest standards.

Please message me if you have ANY questions or for further details or more pictures (…including a PDF file outlining the 100+ items that were either replaced or repaired from the 7-page chassis restoration)


(courtesy of Wikipedia)

The GMC Motorhome was manufactured by the GMC Truck & Coach Division of General Motors for model years 1973–1978 in Pontiac, Michigan, USA — as the only complete motorhome built by a major auto/truck manufacturer. Manufactured in 23 and 26 ft (7.0 and 7.9 m) lengths, the design was noted for its front-wheel drive and its low profile, fully integrated body.

In contrast to most motorhomes which were manufactured on drivetrain equipped frames supplied by a chassis manufacturer; GMC designed, engineered and built the entire vehicle, and in most cases the interiors, completely in-house. Empty shells were also supplied to other RV manufacturers for interior outfitting and to specialty manufacturers for custom outfitting, ranging from mail delivery and mobile training facilities to people movers and ambulances.

The motorhome had a front-wheel-drive transaxle, which GM called Unified Powerplant Package, originally used in the Oldsmobile Toronado and Cadillac Eldorado with an Oldsmobile 455 cu in (7.5 l) V8 from the Toronado, but the later models made use of the 403 cu in (6.6 l) V8. Cadillac employed the 501 cu in (8.2 l) engine. Both used the GM-designated Turbo-Hydramatic 425 automatic transmission, with a wide roller chain drive to connect the output of the longitudinally oriented engine to the transmission. The final drive was connected directly to the transmission, and power was fed to the front wheels using half-shafts that ran under the front portion of the engine. The engine was fueled with regular gasoline stored in two 25-US-gallon (95 l)tanks.

The GMC was equipped with front disc brakes and drums on all four rear wheels. The front-drive configuration eliminated the driveshaft and rear differential and solid axle found on most front-engined motorhomes. As a result, the floor could be built with about 14 inches (36 cm) clearance above the roadway. The floor was too low for a rear cross axle, and GM designed the rear suspension as a tandem pair of wheels, mounted on bogies which rode on pins attached to the sides of the low-profile frame. With the exception of the wheel wells, the rear suspension does not intrude into the living space. The rear bogies are suspended using a double-ended convoluted airbag that is pressurized by an automatic leveling system to maintain the designed ride height. The leveling system can also be manually controlled to level the coach at a campsite. The overall chassis design, from the use of an existing GM E platform powertrain and a modified rear suspension, has been considered an early ancestor of the crossover.

The motorhomes were built in either 23-foot (7.0 m) or 26-foot (7.9 m) length, with about 90% of the total production being the latter. The wheelbase from the front wheels to the centerline of the rear tandem pairs is 140 inches (360 cm) for the 23-foot (7.0 m) coach and 160 inches (410 cm) for the 26-foot (7.9 m) coach. All GMC Motorhomes are 96 inches (240 cm) wide and about 9 feet (2.7 m) tall including the usually-installed roof air conditioner. Interior headroom is 76 inches (190 cm).

Gross vehicle weight rating for the 23-foot (7.0 m) coach was 10,500 pounds (4,800 kg) and 12,500 pounds (5,700 kg) for the 26-foot (7.9 m) coach. Most GMCs with factory interiors have a 30 US gallons (110 l) freshwater tank and a 30 US gallons (110 l) holding tank.

Body construction consisted of a rigid frame made of welded aluminum extrusions. The body frame was mounted on the chassis steel ladder frame using body isolators. The floor was marine plywood, except where it sloped up at the extremities, where they were plate aluminum. The body panels are fiber reinforced plastic (fiberglass) below the waistline frame extrusion and at the ends. The upper side body and roof panels between the ends are sheet aluminum. GMCs are notable for their large expanse of windows, which redefined the RV industry at the time. They often had luxury features common on upper models of GM brands, such as cruise control, air conditioning, AM/FM/8-track sound systems, an aluminum/fiberglass body, as well as air suspension.

Rear lower compartments provide space for generators and propane tanks. GMCs were optionally supplied with generators from Onan in 4,000 watts and 6,000 watts, many of which are still in service. There were no driver’s or passenger’s doors at the front of the vehicle. A single door amidships on the right-hand side provided access to the main passenger compartment. At the back of the vehicle, the entire rear body panel could be taken off by loosening a series of bolts around its edges, allowing beds, appliances, and other bulky items to be installed or removed.


-made out of aluminum – won’t rust like steel framed coaches

-aerodynamic – less wind resistance while driving

-perfect size for MOST campgrounds, many campgrounds don’t allow rigs bigger than 30 feet.

-easy to park as it has a HUGE back window and it’s only 26 feet long.

-easy for just about ANY mechanic to work on as it’s based on the GM 7.5 L Toronado powerplant.

-LARGE 5,000+ member community which can provide you with 24/7/365 support via the GMC forum on Facebook

-several GMC specialty shops are located in many parts of the USA for any specialty work.

-basic repairs and oil changes can be done at just about any regular mechanic’s shop. No need to go to expensive MOTORHOME shops that charge hefty hourly rates.

-the 16.5 tires can now be purchased at WalMart for only $85 per tire.

-QUIETER than most typical class A’s due to the tandem wheel bogey air ride suspension in the back. (sometimes I have left a cup on the table only to find it didn’t even move!)

[(PS: I’m also OPEN to considering a trade for a well maintained LATE MODEL 13-foot Scamp or a 13-foot Casita travel trailer (2005 model or newer) + $9500 cash]

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  1. Interested in your GMC. Do you have any pics of the engine, generator, and under carriage ? I’m in California and ready to buy.


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