1976 Birch Haven Marlow OK

No Longer Available

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Key Vehicle Facts

-Model Year: 1976
-Mileage: 59,860
-Trim: Birch Haven
-Length: 23 Feet

Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-Location: Marlow, Oklahoma
-Asking Price: $13,999
-Seller Type: Private Owner
-Contact Info:  No Longer Available

Description: Put the motorhome in storage 10 years ago after driving for about 2000 miles. got it out of storage 3 days ago, put good gas in it, and a battery, modulator and rotary button started right up done a little cleaning. he does not need it anymore ready to sell. He’s the 3rd owner.The person he purchased it from had the motor overhauled completely, put in aircraft quality seat covers that should last a lifetime it sleep 6, windshield uv bra, all glass excellent no cracks or chips, did not start onan but worked when stored needs battery, new air bladders, front outside sun visor, new air condition compressor on cab air, uses 3 batteries only have one. GMC produced these from 1973-78 only built 13000 of these. they are several classic GMC motorhome club. check them out on the internet. Most of them are 26′ long this one is 23’easy to drive and park just like any full size pickup. its believed that 8000 or 9000 of these 12000# hot rods with plumbing are still on the road. The estimate of 23′ party bus that he has is about 2000 left on the road. you can still buy parts from any auto parts store because they have a Toronado front wheel drive 455 cu rocket v8 power. he has all receipts on all repairs. This motorhome has so many extras is was called a party bus. look at the pic with the sink it has a blender build in for mixing drinks. however it has been stored for 10 years. I drove it about 20 miles no problems. But you know how used stored auto’s..It is in good shape but needs some work. I really believe if a person would put 5000 in it, it would bring 35000 and up. I seen them list for 35000 to 45000. I don’t have room on this posting body to explain and tell all that needs to be told. I’m just trying to sell this for my friend, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to e-mail me or call. if you need more pic let me know. you really need to know what a Classic GMC Motorhome is all about, its not just a motorhome is a collector’s dream. check them out at classicGMCmotorhome. check out the clubs that are set up for ClassicGMCmotorhomes.. I’m going to go thru all the manuals and see what all is on the unit, and the repairs that he has done. in the meantime make an offer you will not hurt my feelings…the first pic looks like the window is broken but it is a reflection of something all glass is good shape.
Roof air works, refrigerator works on 120 volts, no nothing about plumbing.


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1976 Marlow OK

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