1974 Canyonlands in Oxnard, CA

Last Updated: 12/7/2017 | Ad Source: Craigslist

Location: Oxnard, California

Asking Price: $10,000

Motorhome Features

  • Model Year: 1974
  • Odometer: 71,000
  • Trim: Canyonlands
  • Length: 26FT

Seller Information

  • Seller Type: Private Owner
  • Contact Name: Not Listed
  • Phone: Not Listed
  • Email: Send Message

Description & More Pictures

Hey Craigslist… The Big Sexy Barbie Bus is up for sale. (’74, 26′, Canyons, 455, blah blah blah) You know what this thing needs? YOU! 

All you hipsters wanting to join the Tiny Home Movement, here’s your chance. What’s big, sexy, and powered by 7.5 liters of ‘Murica? This thing!

If you were like me, your favorite Hotwheels as a kid was that Orange Palm Beach. I finally adulted and bought the real thing. Even lived in it last winter down in San Diego. Now, I have no time to do anything with it. That’s where you come in… This thing will happily cruise at 55 (or 85) to the track, beach, or National Park of your desire. This thing will pull your Prius, Subaru wagon, or insert hipster ride here, with no problems. Wanna be the cool kid at Toyotafest, JCCS, or Seven Stock? Throw your hot rod on a trailer, and have the most epic roll-in ever!

Yeah, everything works. There are plenty of weekend projects to be done on it, but again, I don’t have time. I’ve put plugs, wires, a carb, and HEI on that big 455. I ditched the stock 16.5 rollers and threw some 16″ 28177 Accurides on it. There’s other odds and ends I can’t remember that I’ve done to it.

So, as far as the history goes, Big Jim’s dad bought this thing in 1980, and proceeded to put a ton of cabinetry in it. The cushions were slathered in an already-faded red velour, and a sweet powder-blue carpet that needed to stay in the nineties was put down. First order for me was to throw some hardwood down, but again, I just don’t have the time. The 455 and the TH425 were rebuilt at around 50K. I can believe that, because at that point the chain in the 425 makes noise. No noise + blue respray on engine = nobody is pulling an engine just for a repaint. Take what you want with that.

Big Jim’s brother passed away last year, and Big Jim had the duty of clearing out Brother’s place, and I got my dream of owning the bus. Well, now it’s your turn. Let’s make a deal!

So, I realize three pictures don’t do it justice. I’ll get some uploaded this week, but I know you hipsters are about that Instagram life, so #bigsexybarbiemotorhome is a thing on there…

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